Adventures in Colorado: Liberation in Shadow Canyon

Today’s run is a tough one to put into words. Ya kinda “had to be there.”

But if I were to sum it up in a few words, it was powerful and liberating.

Powerful, because of the mighty winds that whipped through the canyon on my way up.

Liberating on the way back down, as I let gravity not only solidify my connection with the Earth, but control my descent back down to the trailhead. There’s something about rocky, technical downhills that make me feel as close to a bird as I might ever experience.

Instead of more words, I’ll just leave you with a few pictures that, believe me, don’t do it justice at all. But they’ll at least start to paint the picture…

The Cost of a 3-day, Cross-country Moving Trip

It’s far faster & cheaper to fly, but driving allows you the opportunity to see so much more.

Those who know me well know that I’m a big fan of the following:

  • documentation
  • seeing just how far I can make a dollar go

I realize not everything in life needs to be documented, but for those who are financially conscious, you might find this useful. Or perhaps you’ve just wondered if it would be cheaper to drive somewhere instead of fly.

In this article, I’m going to break down every dollar I spent while driving 1,680 miles from Richmond, VA to Boulder, CO.

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Adventures in Colorado: Wide Open Space

Wide open space, howling wind and dogs. Lots and lots of dogs.

I got a lot of work done this morning, so it was time for a break. It’s been 3 days since my last run, so I looked up an area close by on Google Maps. It looked like a trail, and I’m more interested in exploring than I am a workout right now, so let’s give it a go.

About 6 blocks from my house, there’s a quaint, suburban neighborhood with beautiful Summit Middle School tucked in the center. At the end of Tantra road, a wide dirt trail continues towards a small parking lot. The entrance clearly had my name on it.

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What do a DMV employee, tree cutter & bartender have in common?

They’re all super nice! As are most of the people whom I’ve interacted with so far in Boulder.

The Tree Cutter

I was out getting my vehicle registered in Boulder County, and turning in my driver’s license for a Colorado version. When I returned home mid-morning, I saw a Watson Tree pickup truck blocking our driveway. No big deal, as I don’t need to park there. Plenty of on-street parking.

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Colorado Driver’s License & Vehicle Registration (for New Residents)

I moved to Boulder, Colorado from Richmond, VA in February 2017. As with any move, you’ll want to update your address for the many services you use. One of the most important things to update is your driver’s license & vehicle registration.

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Adventures in Colorado: Running with Livestock

I’ve spent the first few days in Boulder unpacking, getting to know my roommates, grocery shopping, and picking up a few things that just didn’t quite make the cut for my road trip. Today, it was time to explore.

After driving through, and arriving in, crappy conditions, the weather has been beautiful all weekend. Upper-40s to mid-50s during the day, with the golden Colorado sun shiny all day long.

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On Superman, CrossFit, and the Dreaded Fitness Plateau

Decisions. They’re the spice of life. As humans, we get to make a bunch of them every day.

Everything from the clothes we put on in the morning, whether or not we say hi to that stranger on the street, and what we eat for dinner. Many of the decisions we make are seemingly trivial. Some could even have an impact on our day (hopefully, for the better :-).

This post is about some of the more important decisions we make as humans; an ever-changing set of choices that governs our lives. This post is about priorities.

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16.3: Welcome to the Muscle Up Club

Each year, there is usually one workout that makes or breaks an athlete’s Open season. 16.3 was that workout.

Every year in the CrossFit Open, Dave Castro likes to weed out the great athletes, only leaving room for the exceptional. He’ll program a workout that contains an advanced skill, a heavy weight or some ridiculous combination of the two, such that only the elite will prevail.

With the 2nd new movement this year in the CrossFit Open, the bar muscle-up was this year’s separator.

For the everyday athlete in gyms all over the world, however, it was more of a motivator—just what people needed to get their first bar muscle-up… or die trying.

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