Keeping in touch with old friends

Why do I struggle keeping in touch with old friends? There are so many great people I’ve built incredible relationships with, and yet we go years without talking. What’s the excuse?

That should read “losing touch with old friends,” because if I kept in touch with them, they wouldn’t be old friends.

Dear Dave,

Why is it so hard for you to keep in touch with old friends?

I know you don’t like to make excuses, so it can’t be…

…because you don’t value our relationship. We’ve spent some quality time together in the past. Had a lot of great moments where you’ve helped me & I’ve helped you. We’ve drank, laughed, danced, spun around in circles, talked, ate and partied together. We’re definitely best friends.

…because I live far away. I’ve had the same cellphone for years. The number hasn’t changed, and I know you have it. You’ve got my email address too, and I know you send at least 30 of those every day. We’re friends on Facebook, following each other on Twitter.

…because you don’t have the time. I know you’re a busy guy, but you never just have time. You make time. And I know you make time for other things that are probably not as important.

So what’s your excuse?

Me: I think you just answered it for me… There isn’t one.