Grandmothers of Endurance Video – Ultrarunning into your 80s

A letter to all the nay-sayers & non-believers who tell me that ultrarunning is breaking apart my body. Those who think I’ll need knee replacements by age 35. This video of 2 ultrarunning Grandmothers (age 76 & 67) clearly proves that running ultras only enriches your mind, body & spirit.

To all the nay-sayers, non-believers, critics & the doubtful,

I always knew you were wrong. But now I have proof.

An ultrarunning buddy of mine, Peter, now provides proof (by way of 2 grandmother endurance junkies) that ultrarunning is not destroying my body. It only enriches my mind, body & spirit, and adds energy & excitement to my life.

Barb Macklow (age 76) of Bellingham, WA completed the Umstead 100-mile run at age 74. Her running partner, Vicki Griffiths (age 67), recently completed the Rocky Raccoon 100-mile run in just under 30 hours. Yeah. That’s why they call them the “Grandmothers of Endurance.”

Some of you (especially the personal trainers & physical therapists among you) have told me that my running habits will lead to health problems down the road. More specifically, knee, hip, ankle and other joint issues.

I usually reply, “Well, maybe I will, but I enjoy it now, and I’ll worry about that when I get there.” While this remains true, I now have 2 young ladies I can use as an example. If Barb can complete a 100-mile race on 74-year-old joints, I think I’ve got quite a few miles left on these legs before I need to worry.

Watch this video, and then try to tell me that ultrarunning is bad for my body. I’ll just say, “Look at what it has done for them.”

Grandmothers of Endurance Video

Barb is exactly 50 years older than I am today. Here’s to another 50 years of pure ultrarunning bliss… whether you want to believe it or not.

Running Wild,

P.S. – I know there are more ultrarunning grandmothers (and grandfathers) out there, and when I find them, you’ll be the first to know.